Susan Pynchon: Why I Volunteer for the Truth School!

Volunteer Susan Pynchon recently shared with us her reasons for giving her time and talents to the Truth School. 

I read in the Gazette about a new school launching in the Valley, a school to develop social change leaders and build our movement for change. Like many others, I had been searching for a way to join forces, align in spirit and action, and galvanize post-election. Could this new school help me get started?


The concept was simple: classes for free, taught by local experts—elected officials, college professors, long-time area activists. The classes offered were varied and intriguing—helping teens find their voice on climate change, tips on movement organizing, how to write a good letter to the editor. Sessions on learning protest songs, and on nonviolent direct action skills. Even a workshop on staying hopeful in hard times!


I enrolled in several classes that day and then put my name in to volunteer. I wanted to help make this school a success—because now is an important time to be a thoughtful and active citizen and some of us need a hand getting started.

Thanks, Susan, for volunteering and for sharing your story with us!

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