Truth School Students Learn Campaigning Skills

One of the popular themes of Truth School classes is running for public office.  This September, sixteen Truth School students learned the Nuts and Bolts of Campaigning from two of our expert trainers with decades of combined experience: Clare Higgins, former city councilor and mayor of Northampton and the current executive director of Community Action, and Elizabeth Silver, chair of the
Northampton Democratic City Committee
and a seasoned local coordinator for local, state, and national campaigns.

The trainers covered a lot of ground in the three-hour class, including personal considerations to keep in mind, budget information, messaging and media. After the class, many participants noted their appreciation for the concrete information, as well as the trainers’ candor. Citing the practicality of the information provided, one student noted, “It was not driven by idealism.”

This fact-based and skills-focused approach is a key component of the Truth School’s methodology. Preparing social change leaders to win movement struggles requires the sharing of information and development of hands-on skills. Many thanks to the day’s trainers, Clare Higgins and Elizabeth Silver, for their past and present service and continued leadership!

For those interested in running for office, the following upcoming classes may be of interest:

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