October Newsletter – from the Director

From the Director

It’s my birthday and I love presents!

Now that I am old, it is fashionable, accepted, and even expected to say “No Gifts” when inviting people to a birthday dinner, party, or brunch. “No gifts” is what everyone anticipates you will say when you hit 68. But I don’t say that.
I say: bring on the presents!

My birthday is on October 2nd, and I love presents. So celebrate with me, and make my day. Please consider giving me my favorite present of all….a gift to the Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership. Other than my family, my friends, my church, my community, and a list of things dear to my heart, the Truth School is my most beloved and most important thing in my life.

We need to fund this little gem of a movement-building, scrappy, pop-up school. We have to keep this baby of ours thriving and growing.

We have to raise $92,000 annually to keep the school alive and well. So how about giving me the gift I want most in the world? A gift to the Truth School!

Because it is my 68th birthday we are highlighting the theme of 68. Please consider giving a gift of 68 cents, or $6.80, or $68., or $680., or $6,800., or $68,000., or $680,000. You choose.

Friends, this is all sent in fun and with love. But the appeal for funds is real. It’s my birthday and I love presents and I love the Truth School. We welcome your gift of any size—whether it has a 68 in it or not—to keep this remarkable treasure of a free school up and running!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you….68 times over.

Checks can be made payable to: IPS with “Truth School” in the memo line and sent to:
Truth School, 649 State Street, Springfield, 01109; or you can donate online here.

Give a Gift!

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