This Week in the Truth School

We do one thing. Well.
We teach movement-building skills.
Class after class, week after week, month after month.
We prepare social change leaders to win movement struggles.
Join us.

Friday March 20 – Sunday March 31

Two weekends with opportunities to meet neighbors and strangers, expand your mind, challenge yourself, learn some new skills or cultivate latent ones and to build connections.

Saturday, March 23rd, a full day Nonviolent Direct Action Training! REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for this, please email registration@truthschool.org.

Also, on Saturday, March 23rd is the workshop Creative Writing for Social Change at Mason Square Library, Springfield. “Sometimes we all need to “talk about things.” Writing is a way to “talk” to yourself. Sharing your writing is a way to “talk” to others. This workshop introduces the benefits of “talking” through writing, particularly as a tool for grappling with social issues.

You can register from any class page, or email your name and which class you are interested in to: registration@truthschool.org.

“We each experience the world from our own cultural perspectives, values, and norms. Yet most of the time, our own cultural perspective is hidden from us. We assume that our norm is everyone else’s norm as well. We insist that there is only one way of interpreting a situation, and yet those from other cultures often perceive the same situation in a completely different way.” Trainer Jen Matias leads the popular training Cross Cultural Communication and Cultural Humility on Saturday, March 30th in Easthampton.

And Sunday, March 31st, Sonia Silbert leads Grassroots Fundraising: Raising Money for Our Movements! in Greenfield.

The Full Spring 2019 Catalog

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