classes in full swing: do muslim women need saving? + guided by the spirit

Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

Do Muslim Women Need Saving? Led by Naz & Mehlaqa, 9.12.19, Easthampton
Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

Do you feel what you learned will help you grow as an agent of social change? How so?

Part of my increased understanding will continue to help barriers drop away and allow for connection.”

I feel so much more informed overall about Muslim women and how to be an ally to them.

Absolutely because I have more knowledge, also a desire to learn even more, but also more confidence about asking questions and passing on my knowledge

– Truth School Participants

Guided by the Spirit

9.7.19, Northampton, Dr. Karen Louise Rucks Walker

What did you learn in this training?

The importance of being aware of how our spirituality feeds our social justice work, as well as the importance of working in community.

– Truth School Participant

Wisdom, Analysis and Inspiration from Seasoned Organizers – Panel Event (5/18)

Join us for a panel discussion with four experienced, radical activist/organizers! Q&A to follow.


Jo Comerford


National campaign director of

Netfa Freeman


Events coordinator and analyst for the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C., and an organizer for Pan-African Community Action

Jennifer Matias


Leadership coach, consultant, and trainer, Dance the Dream Coaching and Consulting for Social Justice and Social Change

Nelson Roman


Executive director of Nueva Esperanza, Holyoke Ward 2 City Councilor, activist and organizer