truth school happenings

Lots has been happening in the Truth School. With classes all over CT River Valley (ok, not everywhere but in Springfield, Easthampton, Holyoke, Northampton and Greenfield) it’s hard to keep track of it all!

In brief: Sacred Music: A Journey to Freedom led by Dr. Ruth Bass Green was offered at Lathrop in Northampton and moved one participant with the possibility of forgetting yourself and just joining and singing. Positive Change through Education housed at Jackson street school and co-led by Gwen Agna and Thomas Chang helped participants refine techniques for approaching inequity issues with children, the fine art of show kids things and asking them what they notice. Social Activism for Senior Citizens housed up in Greenfield at the Franklin Co-op space on 170 Main street inspired the simple reflection in one participant, “in part, I need to learn how to be in community, just be able to be with folk.

After attending the Circle Practice to Build Strength and Trust class led by Tasondra Jardine at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center in Holyoke (what an unexpected place for a Circle Practice class!) one participant is motivated to get involved in restorative justice movements; Norma Akamatsu and Gail Perlman’s Infighting on the Left: A Structured Dialogue class reminded one participant “of how important storytelling is in breaking down barriers. Also, a better understanding of why ‘point-counterpoint’ doesn’t work, which was helpful.” And then last but not least, Pamela Marsh William’s class on leading volunteers accomplished its goal: one participant said, “I think I can recruit and nurture volunteers more effectively!Cheers to that.

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poetry: how pain becomes beautiful power

More of this, please.

Transformation. Power from the ground up.

Johnie and Jenny led this class Thursday at the Arise for Social Justice office in Springfield.

Trainers Jenny & Johnie

The Poetry gathering from Pain to Beautiful Power was outstanding in every way.

– Class Participant