Cross-Class Dialogue for Better Collaboration (5/20/17) – CANCELED

This class was part of our May-June 2017 session, which has concluded. Our fall classes will begin in September 2017. To be notified when they are announced, please join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook! Read on to learn more about this class from our spring 2017 session.

This class was canceled at the teacher’s request*.

Date: May 20, 2017
Time: 10 a.m. – noon
Location: Greenfields Market, Community Room, 170 Main Street, Greenfield, MA

Cross-class dialogue for better collaboration

Classism, racism and sexism are braided together with the other oppressions in our society. In this two-hour class we will examine one strand of that braid: class. Class dynamics often arise in the course of fundraising, organizing, and working within organizations. In this short period of time, we will clarify our own class backgrounds and the culture, learn about others’ and learn how class and classism manifest in our organizing. We will share some tools for identifying it and working to mitigate it as we work to change the larger institutional and structural forms of oppression.

People often have a challenging time talking about class and money and in that light, we will create a container of deep listening and curiosity; the only way through to a better world is through the tender and fiery door of courage, compassion and truth-telling.

If you register, please plan to come on time and stay for the full two-hours.


Jennifer Ladd, Principal, Jennifer Ladd Consulting

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