Teach with the Truth School

We will be accepting proposals for our Spring 2020 Semester until November 1, 2019 

Proposals are submitted online:

Here is a PDF version of the proposal to help in your planning:

However, all proposals must be submitted online by November 1, 2019:

Here are guidelines for Truth School trainings as you consider submitting a proposal:

  • All classes must be taught by a trainer of color, or in a bi-racial / multi-racial team.
  • All classes must be clearly rooted in teaching or strengthening movement-building skills.
  • All classes must be rooted in a social justice agenda.
  • All classes must be taught using a participatory teaching model.
  • All classes are held in one of our Truth School sites located around the Pioneer Valley, spanning from Greenfield to Springfield.
  • Classes typically run between 90 minutes and 3 hours. We have some series classes as well.
  • Trainers are compensated at a rate of $250 for single classes.  (Classes that are part of a series have a separate pay structure)
  • We welcome co-trainers, but regret that we cannot currently compensate co-trainers at the full rate. Our rate is per class. You may co-teach, but you would need to split the fee.
  • If you are thinking of teaching more than one class, please submit a separate proposal for each class.
  • Other general information to know: all Truth School Classes have both a Trainer and a Host. Hosts open, set up and clean up the classroom space, and enable Trainers to focus on training. As a Trainer, you will need to attend a one-time 60 minute Training of the Truth School Trainers.

Thank you for submitting a proposal to teach in the Truth School. We are grateful for your interest!

We will notify you by the end of November if your proposal was accepted.