Teach with the Truth School

We are now accepting proposals to teach through the Truth School in our spring 2023 semester. The spring 2023 semester runs from January through May 2023.

**December 15, 2022 is the deadline for submissions. Proposals received after that date will not be considered**.”

Here are guidelines for Truth School trainings as you consider submitting a proposal:

  • All classes must be taught by Black, Indigenous and People of Color, or by teaching pairs/teams that include Black, Indigenous and People of Color;
  • All classes must be clearly rooted in teaching or strengthening movement-building skills;
  • All classes must be rooted in a social justice agenda;.
  • All classes must be taught using a participatory teaching model;
  • All classes are held in one of our Truth School sites located around the Pioneer Valley, spanning from Greenfield to Springfield or on Zoom;
  • Classes typically run between 90 minutes and 3 hours. We have some series classes as well.;
  • If you are thinking of teaching more than one class, please submit a separate proposal for each class;
  • Other general information to know: all Truth School Classes have both a Trainer and a Host. Hosts open, set up, welcome, and clean up the classroom space, while in person, and  provide technology support if the class is virtual. This enables Trainers to focus on training. As a Trainer, you will need to attend a  90 minute orientation for new Truth School Trainers or a 60 minute trainer update session.

Thank you for submitting a proposal to teach in the Truth School. We are grateful for your interest!