Creative Writing for Social Change

Saturday, March 23, 2019; 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Springfield Public Library, Mason Square Branch, 765 State Street, Springfield

TrainerMary Jane Eustace is a climate activist, writer, educator and attorney.

Sometimes we all need to “talk about things.” Writing is a way to “talk” to yourself. Sharing your writing is a way to “talk” to others. This workshop introduces the benefits of “talking” through writing, particularly as a tool for grappling with social issues. “Creative writing” is broader than poetry and fiction; it also includes brainstorming, journaling, free writes, reflections, and creative nonfiction. While those who enjoy writing will gain new ideas, the workshop will also benefit those who don’t like writing or believe that their writing is not “good.” Class members will participate in a brief demonstration activity that applies creative thinking and writing skills to a current social issue. We will then discuss the benefits of the specific activity. We will also distinguish between the process and the product of writing and what you gained from both. Participants will leave with resources for writing activities that can be used personally or with others—anyone can use them to identify and reflect upon the issues that gnaw at all of us, whether because we struggle with them or because they impassion us.