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Labyrinth Through Fear: A Gift Event

The Pan African Historical Museum USA, Tower Square The Pan African Historical Museum USA, Tower Square, 1500 Main Street, #2, Springfield

Trainers: Janet Aalfs, Poet Laureate Emeritus of Northampton, Master Martial Artist and Integrative Dance Instructor, Founder and Director, Lotus Peace Arts at Valley Women’s Martial Arts; and Ingrid Askew, a theatre‐maker, cultural activist, and the Executive Director of Crossing the Waters Institute for Cultural Exchange. Ms. Askew lives in the Pioneer Valley and also in Cape


Shake it Off: A Movement Workshop for Tired Activists

Treehouse Community Center 1 Treehouse Circle, Easthampton, MA

Trainer: Olivia Ilano Davis, Founding Artistic Director, Spectrum in Motion Dance Theater Ensemble, Hartford. Olivia created Spectrum in Motion in 1982 as a dance education program for ages 4‐17, celebrating people of color and the American experience. She has now guided two generations of young people and is a teacher, mentor, educator, counselor, and "mom"

Movement for Movement People: A Stretch, Dance, Jiggle Workshop for Tired Activists

Zoom Online

As activists we often work too much, carry worries, and push ourselves hard. Always another meeting, vigil, rally, campaign, gathering, strategy session, or march to attend! Self-care sometimes get side-lined while work gets us up early and keeps us up late. Join dancer, educator, and beautiful-spirit Miss Olivia for a time to stretch, move, dance,


Shake it Off! A Movement Workshop for Tired Activists

Zoom Online

Tired of working around the clock for peace, justice, and social change? Weary from long meetings, long marches, long rallies, and short nights of sleep? You need to recharge! Join Miss Olivia for a time of movement, dance, gentle exercise, laughter, quiet, and renewal. Be prepared to let go of some inhibitions and fatigue. Come