Invocation to Frederick Douglass: Contemplating the Heart of the Matter

Saturday, March 2, 0219: 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Studio at 208 Race Street, Suite 305, Holyoke

Rose Sackey Milligan
Trainer: Rose Sackey Milligan, Ph.D. is a socio-cultural anthropologist and the former Director of the Social Justice Program, Center for Contemplative Mind in Socity. Rose worked for many years as a Senior Program Officer at Mass Humanities and was the Academic Director of the Bard College Clemente Course in the Humanities in Springfield, MA.

Powerful literature highlighting the quest of Black Americans for justice, equal rights and citizenship serves as a tool to create open and honest dialgoue and new ways of thinking about our nation’s history, the enslavement of Black Americans, and the role racism places in our national discouse. In this class, using contemplative (mindful) attentiveness, participants will communally read and reflect on selected writings by Frederick Douglass. Through a faciliated dialogue, the significance of these writings given the current political and cultural landscape, will be explored.