Truth School Institutional Partners

All our funding comes from grants, the donations of generous individuals and through the support of our institutional partners. Thank you Partners!

50/50 Fitness, Hadley

Interested in becoming a partner? contact Truth School Founder and Director, Rev. Andrea Ayvazian at

Truth School Partner Sites

We do not have a building. All our classes are in free spaces: libraries, houses of worship, private community centers, spaces that have been donated. We are so grateful to each one for making the space available for free and helping grow this movement. There are the partner sites we have used over the three years of the Truth School!

  • Springfield Community Music School, Springfield
  • Holyoke Public Library, Holyoke
  • Greenfield Community College, Greenfield
  • Greenfield Public Libraries, Greenfield
  • Springfield Public Libraries, Springfield
  • Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, Holyoke
  • St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Easthampton
  • Nueva Esperanza, Holyoke
  • Holyoke Community College, Holyoke
  • First Churches, Northampton
  • South Congregational Church, UCC, Springfield
  • 40 Center Street, Northampton
  • Unitarian Society of Florence and Northampton, Northampton
  • Treehouse Community at Easthampton Meadow, Easthampton
  • Easthampton Enrichment Center and Council on Aging, Easthampton
  • Second Congregational Church, UCC, Greenfield
  • Pan African History Museum USA, Springfield
  • Bethesda Lutheran and East UCC Churches, Springfield
  • The Montessori School of Northampton, Northampton
  • Franklin Community Co-Op Community Room, Greenfield
  • Lathrop Community Center, Northampton