Circle Practice to Build Strength and Trust

Building a circle can bring energy, strength, healing and focus to a group, either just starting out or long standing looking for a positive change. It creates a bond and a trust not found everywhere in the world today. Circle Practice promotes understanding and creates a united approach to any goal. By gathering in this particular shape you create an unending line filled with purpose. It places nobody above or below anyone which makes everyone a leader. This means that all voices are important and respected, and everyone can see and hear one another. Social agreements and practices help to keep your circle’s intention pure and strong. Participants will leave with a broader view and basic understanding of Circle Practice and how to form one.



Trainer: Tasondra Jardine is a student of the universe and all her creations; Tasondra is a Reiki master who was trained in circle practice by a Reiki circle, has worked with the Native American Inter-Tribal Council of Western MA in Native American Circle Practice and is involved with a drum and healing circle. She has taught Native American circle practice with the Holyoke High School Youth Leadership group Pa’lenté, among others.

Circle Practice to Mark the Autumn Equinox

Indigenous Circle Practice is a way to listen deeply, share openly, hold silence, and transform communities. We will gather in a circle on the Autumnal Solstice sharing our feelings about this planet and the quiet turning of the Earth. Under the sensitive guidance of Strong Oak and her many years of experience with Circle Practice, the group will honor the reverence of the space and the gathered group while sharing what lays on our hearts as we mark the Solstice. You are invited to bring all your feelings about the beauty of this planet as well as you weariness and despair. You will be fortified by this experience so that you can continue the work we are all called to do to confront the climate emergence we are facing. Everyone is warmly welcome to join the circle.



Trainer: Irene “Strong Oak” Lefebvre, MSSA is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Visioning B.E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition INC. She is of Mi’Kmaq and Maliseet descent. In 2017, Ms Lefebvre received the Visionary Voice Award from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, representing the state of Massachusetts in recognition of her work to end sexual violence. Ms. Lefebvre served on the Advisory Council for the National Sexual Resource Center from 2010-2016. She is currently a Peer Cohort, representing VBCIC, with the Just Beginnings Collaborative, a funding organization that seeks to build a movement to end childhood sexual assault nationwide. Ms Lefebvre is a member of the Governor’s statutory Restorative Justice Advisory Committee in Massachusetts and is currently serving a six-year term that began in November 2018. She is also a member of the Raliance Policy Group working on a three-year study on mandated reporting and its impact on survivors from marginalized communities.