Dear Truth School Family,

Earlier this week, the leadership of the Truth School thought the situation with the coronavirus in this country and around the world was changing each day.  Now we realize it is changing each hour!

And so we are adapting, adjusting, and continuing to think about how to keep everyone safe.

Many trainers have expressed their discomfort gathering in a group setting to teach their classes, several sites have closed down and so we cannot hold classes there, and the crisis seems to have reached a new level.

Consequently, the Truth School is suspending all classes for the remainder of the month of March.  We believe this is the wisest decision to keep us all safe and to encourage folks to stay home and stay well.

We hope to resume classes in April…Early April?  Mid-April?  Late April?  At this point we simply do not know.  Please watch our website and Facebook page for updates.  When we do resume classes, it will be wonderful to gather together again, without fear, face-to-face.

We are considering offering some classes via Zoom and that may happen!  We are thinking about whether we can do that–if we have the administrative person-power!  Offering classes, in the future, by Zoom MAY happen, but right now we are cancelling all classes until further notice.  We will send out alerts and updates if classes will be held by Zoom.

This crisis is frightening, isolating, and tremendously worrisome.  We have to hold one another at arm’s length, literally.  But we only need to be creating a physical distance.  Let’s hold one another close emotionally and convey concern, hope, and caring in all the ways left to us that are safe–and there are many!  Let’s stay “in touch” as a community, reaching out to those most vulnerable, offering support to those who are alone, and extending a hand of warmth and care to elders, friends, and neighbors via notes, calls, emails and any other means that say “I have my eye on you and I hope you are okay.”

We regret that our Truth School classes are cancelled through March….and maybe beyond.  We wish you all well.  Stay safe, take good good care.  We will keep you posted as things change and evolve.

Sending you my very best,

Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian


Truth School Response to Coronavirus (for now)

Dear Truth School Family,

I am writing to you now, on behalf of the leadership of the Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership, about our response to the coronavirus crisis and how to keep folks safe as we move forward.  

This crisis is evolving and changing rapidly, so this is our best response as of today, March 11, 2020.

Please watch our website and our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute alerts and updates.  We will post new information as the situation changes and if we need to make further adjustments.

As of today, here are our thoughts with regard to moving forward with Truth School classes:

* All Truth School classes will be held, with the considerations, guidelines, and stipulations outlined below.

* Anyone planning on attending a Truth School class who has concerns or fears about participating and chooses to NOT attend the class because of the coronavirus, we support you fully.  We understand.  Please make your decision about participating in the class or not based on what is right for you medically and emotionally.  You have our full support, whatever you decide We ask that if you feel sick, you do not attend a TS class.

* If a Truth School trainer is ill or does not feel safe teaching the class, the class will be cancelled.

* If the site where the class is to be held does not want us to gather a group there, the class will be cancelled.  (We will not be moving classes to other locations.)

* Our classes are generally not large.  The Host, providing logistical support for the class, will ask all participants to sit safe distances from one another.  The Host will also have cleaning materials to disinfect surfaces that people might touch.

* Trainers are being asked to keep the class participants in a large group and suspend small group work, role plays, huddles, and anything that would require participants to be in close proximity or touch one another.

* Again, please check our website and FB page frequently for last-minute changes, announcements, and cancellations.  That is our best and fastest way to reach you!  (We will not be sending texts or making phone calls should classes be cancelled.) We do not want anyone appearing at a class that is cancelled because you did not get the news.  

Thank you for your vigilance.  And know that all of us at the Truth School are very eager to pull in together in a close and caring fashion emotionally–in terms of supporting and connecting with one another–as we are required to practice social distancing and literally keep each other at arm’s length.

We want to do everything possible to move forward in as safe and prudent a manner as we can.  We honor your personal decisions about what is best for you, and we will be monitoring this situation hour by hour.

Thank you for your involvement with the Truth School.  We value each one of you so much.

Warmly and my best wishes to you,  Andrea

Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian