CANCELLED: Understanding the Americans With Disabilities Act

Dr. Madeline L. Peters

Trainer: Dr. Madeline L. Peters has worked in higher education for  the past 38 years. For 30 of these she has served as the Director of Disability Services at UMass Amherst. Dr. Peters is a veteran, author, educator, and consultant. She has experience in successfully navigating and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), and in operating as an Accommodation Specialist/Advocate.

Class Description: The Americans with Disabilities Act is a complicated Civil Rights law that most people do not understand. Listening to the laws can be boring and hard to understand. This workshop will provide participants with an introductory overview of the Act and help them come to a greater understanding of Disability Law. Learn the definition of disability; understand the rights of people with disabilities and the responsibilities of institutions and organizations towards people with disabilities. Learn to be an ally to people with disabilities. Come to this interactive workshop and become aware of the responsibilities of society to people with disabilities.