CANCELLED: Reparations: What’s It All About?

Kathleen Anderson

Trainer: Kathleen Anderson is a fourth generation undergraduate degree holder and a third generation Master’s degree holder who comes from a family system that values education. She represents the fiftieth (yes, 50th) generation of her family on these lands.

Class Description: Through participatory activities, participants will learn the impact of the history of enslavement on our current times. Participants will learn the history of the reparations movement over the last 30 years and how they can be part of a base of support for the long‐standing reparations movement. Participants will learn how they can get involved and what role they can play in making the United States apply reparations for its injuries to Historical Black Americans.

Food Justice and Democracy

Trainer: LaDonna Sanders Redmond is an activist and  freedom fighter. Working on a range of issues from reproductive justice to developing alternatives to incarceration for first‐time drug offenders to urban agriculture to developing food co‐ops, Ms. Redmond believes that every community has the intellect to heal itself. She is currently the Equity and Inclusion Manager at River Valley Co‐op.

LaDonna Sanders Redmond

Class Description: While there are plenty of folks talking about food and agriculture, the connections between race, class, and gender are not discussed or are ignored. This presentation is an intersectional approach to food justice which focuses on dispelling the myth that ‘food desert’ is a phrase describing communities that require a just and fair food system. This presentation is the foundational workshop to help participants understand the why and what of Food Justice, changing the narrative of the Food Justice Movement to better represent how historical racial oppression causes food injustice today.