ZOOM CLASS: Making Science Work for Social Justice

Trainers: Members of Science for the People: Tatiana Cheeks, Emma Harnisch, Sigrid Schmalzer, Brian Schultz, Mia Fuentes Deonate, Steve Fernandez, Andrew Cunningham and Danielle Larrabee

Class Description: Making Science Work for Social Justice will explore the principles of ‘solidarity science’ and what it means for our community. We will present a few examples that illustrate how solidarity science solves problems by recognizing the significance of social, political, economic, and cultural contexts and by inviting many people and types of knowledge to the table. Participants will workshop how we can use solidarity science to address the issues we identify in the community, and how we can make science a public good.

Our workshop is intended for a wide audience with diverse perspectives. At the core of solidarity science is ensuring that we are reaching multiple experiences and understandings to solve problems. Our audience is asking how to demand more from the scientific community, how to create coalition, how to listen to each other better, how to critique the role of science in our lives, and rather than asking, “how do we fix this?”, asking, “who do we need at the table to fix this?” Everyone is warmly welcome at this lively, exciting, and provocative workshop – join us!