From the Director

The Truth School Founder and Director writes in the April Newsletter:

We knew that the leadership team at the Truth School had made a good decision when we decided to have ALL the classes in the Fall 2019 cycle (September, October, November, December) taught by people of color.  We announced this a month ago…making it clear that white people are still welcome to teach for us, but they must be part of a biracial team.  People of color are welcome to teach for us alone.  We knew this was a good decision but we were unprepared for the outpouring of positive feedback that would come our way.

We have received so many emails, texts, and phone calls saying (essentially) GOOD DECISION!  There is even a Letter to the Editorin the Daily Hampshire Gazette on March 28th from JM Sorrell (a white woman, Truth School trainer and host) saying GOOD DECISION!

Many people of color who have never taught for the Truth School before have heard about the decision and been in touch wanting to teach for us.  We could not be more delighted.  The Fall Catalogue, which we are working on now, will be terrific.  And every participant who comes to one of our Fall Truth School classes will have a person of color up front teaching.

What touches me most about the flood of positive feedback we have received from folks up and down the Valley to the announcement of our decision is the number of messages that start or end with: thank you. 

Well…let me say this.  Thank YOU…thank you trainers of color who are now coming forward wanting to work with the Truth School.  Thank you white trainers who are submitting proposals as part of a biracial pair and expressing so much excitement.  Thank you everyone who wrote to us—so messages of affirmation and encouragement.  Thank you extended Truth School family for believing in this scrappy, spunky, movement-building School that continues to grow and change.  We are all in this together.

With loving appreciation, Andrea