Writing for Social Change

As activists and social change leaders, we must often write words that inspire, clarify, take a position, or set the record straight. We often over-labor our writing projects and then are less productive and prolific than we might be. The focus of this workshop will be on getting over the I-cannot-start hurdle, and the I-am-bogged-down problem. We will discuss what people are writing or have written in the past and cover tips for writing often, writing with ease, and writing with power. All writing abilities and experiences welcome.



Trainer: Tanisha Arena, M.S., Executive Director, Arise for Social Justice, Springfield, M

CANCELLED: Poetry: How Pain Becomes Beautiful Power

Trainers: Johnie Sanders is a social worker and serves as the Homelessness Coordinator for Arise for Social Justice. Johnie is a poet who loves to write poetry with others and share in the creative process; and Jennifer Ladd, Poet, Donor Organizer and Co‐Founder of Class Action.

Johnie Sanders
Jenny Ladd

In this class Johnie Sanders and Jennifer Ladd will share poems we all know and we will have time to write our own poems as well. We encourage each person to bring a poem that has moved them deeply, that has helped them name something. We will share those poems  and then take time to write our own poems that we will read to one another (if people wish to do that), without critique. The focus of the gathering is on hearing and creating poems that speak to transformation. We will be witness to each other’s poems of transformation to strengthen our work for change.