The Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership

The Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership (also known as “The Truth School”) offers classes with the goal of promoting and facilitating the skills required to build a movement. The School teaches the organizing skills necessary to equip people—young, middle years, and old—to be active, effective, and empowered.

We believe that knowledge and education bolstered by support and guidance lead to empowerment—and empowered people make change.

When people have the skills and confidence they need to organize a vigil, run for elected office, write guest editorials for local and national newspapers, engage in civil disobedience, visit their elected officials, or talk with care and sensitivity across differences, the result is real and lasting change.

Our trainers have expertise in their fields; experience teaching, training, and mentoring; and a commitment to a participatory model of teaching and learning. The trainers include educators, social change activists, elected officials, journalists, social workers, members of the clergy, and others with valuable skills to share.