Photo of Sauda Garrett
Sauda Garrett
Sauda Garrett is an intuitive empath and transformational coach. She brings clarity where things are murky and seeks ways for brightening and maintaining one’s own light. She has lived on both coasts, in the Southwest, Southeast, and Western Massachusetts, and found lasting community in all places. She is a writer, mother of two, trained as a midwife in the border town of El Paso, Texas, and is a former teacher of students being held in juvenile detention. Her career has been spent working in populations experiencing the most need, and the most challenges. She was raised with the understanding that the gifts we are given are to be shared, and that serving one's community is an act of love. Her passion for writing and self-expression is based in kindness and knowledge of self. She believes that knowing who you are is necessary in order to understand those around us, especially those who differ. Sauda loves to sing when there is no one else around, she loves to cook as a form of meditation, and she has many stories to tell.