Julie Lichtenberg
Julie Lichtenberg is a theater and visual artist and cultural activist who works in community settings as an artist, teacher, facilitator, and director, incorporating visual art and physical theater. Her work and passion is to create opportunities for people, young and old, to build community, freely and creatively express themselves, and connect with each other through artistic and cultural expression. She has designed curricula and taught in many settings, including adult and juvenile prisons, therapeutic programs, community spaces, and schools. Julie co-founded BOOM!theater in a men’s medium security prison in Connecticut, The Performance Project in the Hampshire Jail in 2000, and First Generation in 2008, which brings together artists with young adults who identify as "first generation,” for artistic and leadership training and inter-generational mentoring. Forming an artistic ensemble, First Generation Ensembles create original multi-lingual physical theater with a focus on social justice. They perform at theaters, schools, colleges, festivals, social justice conferences and in community.