Photo of Amber Chand
Amber Chand
Amber Chand is a visionary guide, mentor and teacher, writer, artist, and entrepreneur. She believes her mission is to support students in living from a place of courageous love, fearless imagination and wild authenticity, no matter how challenging the circumstances of their lives. Over the past two decades, Amber has worked in a variety of settings: as a coach; as a retreat guide; as a performer and storyteller with her one woman show, Searching for the Moon; as an author of the book, Dear Beloved: Sacred Messages to the World and as an entrepreneur of several international businesses serving women rebuilding their lives in regions of conflict and war, including Afghanistan and Rwanda. As a former refugee from Uganda, having fled the country in her youth, and as a breast cancer survivor, Amber brings resilience to the heart of her work. Over the past decade, she has designed Dream A New Dream: Live A New Story as her signature program to guide people into living a vibrant new story, one that honors their dreams and nourishes their evolving sense of wellbeing and imagination, even in the midst of profound uncertainty.