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Ruth Bass Green
Dr. Ruth Bass Green, educator, piano and voice teacher, and church musician, is the founder and president of the Hazelle Catherine Bass Institute for the Arts ( For over 50 years, Ruth has served underprivileged and privileged students and adults across diverse fields of age, race, and gender. As a music educator, Ruth is a spokeswoman for the legacy of Negro Spirituals and the priceless contribution they bring to the genre of music in the Americas. Ruth’s teachings and travels abroad, in Europe and Africa, fueled her determination to cultivate a deeper passion for the transformative personal and social power of the arts. She is unerring in her devotion to the idea that “music is a healing, cross-cultural gift and bridge” that can grow connections at profound levels of heart, mind, and spirit. Ruth received a BA in Music Education from California State University, a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and a doctorate in Educational Studies from UMass Amherst.