Photo of Julie Rosier
Julie Rosier
Julie Ann Rosier (aka Red Thread JAR) is a writer, performer, cultural organizer, and community archivist. In 2008, she launched Red Thread Commons — a company that uses story to reveal the invisible red thread of destiny that connects us all — in her hometown of Detroit. Born and raised a devout Catholic of French Canadian descent, she has since cobbled together queer faith practices that incorporate the following sacred texts: The Bible; Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu; Witches Tarot, by Ellen Dougan; Methodology of the Oppressed, by Chela Sandoval; and Of Water and Spirit, by Malidoma Some. She aspires to be a Black Sheep Shero to all of her niblings (her siblings' kids) and to help those who have been estranged find a spiritual home.