Chris Mohn
Host Program Co-Coordinator
Chris is a retired middle school educator and a long time advocate for “justice for all” in our country and our world. Her passion and activism for fairness/ justice began when she was a teenager and college student in the 60s. Learning truths about her white European ancestors who settled in this country was another awakening along her justice journey. Becoming the mother of a Black son and now part of a multi-racial family provides constant and stark reminders for the imperative for change. She continues to challenge herself and other white people to explore and own the ramifications of whiteness, to understand the our imperative to change the systems or any forces that perpetuate injustice and divisions in our country and our world. She is appreciative of her involvement in organizations like the Truth School that offer opportunities for learning, engagement, and hope for a better future for all, for E Pluribus Unum.