Where We Are

The Truth School does not have a building. Since our founding in 2017, the Truth School has held classes in donated spaces in five towns and cities in three counties in what is today called the Connecticut River Valley.

We recognize that the Land we live on, and the river we organize around is known in different ways and called by other names by the people Native to them – the Nonotuck, Agawam, Pocumtuck and more. Quinnetuckut or Kwinitekw and other variations is how the river is called in Algonquian languages.

We recognize that the extractive, white-supremacist mindset of our country’s settler colonial inheritance has been, and continues to be, a cause of great harm. We acknowledge the living Indigenous peoples and nations of the greater region: the Nipmuc and Wampanoag, the Wabanaki, the Mohegan and Pequot, the Mohican and Abenaki and those who are not formally recognized.

These acknowledgments inform our work as we recognize the need – for the sake of the survival and thriving of all – to decolonize our ways of being, including our ways of organizing for social change.